A Special Poster for members of BOSS

All students, alumni are invited to join us to be part of the potrait poster. The poster will used as a background of this blog and twitter.. we are targetting about 100+ pieces of potrait picture of yours.. maybe not permanent, but it may hold for a couple of month untill a brand new fresh idea is coming up.

The steps is simple.

1. pick any potrait picture of yours which size about 600px X 600px and above.
2. an original picture without editting is the best suggestion to you
3. absolutely a JPEG, JPG format
4. just email to us at bandofspiritshahalam@gmail.com
5. dont forget to attach together your short name (famous in band) and also your graduated year for alumni and expected year for students.
6. Click send and it is ready for us to complete the poster.

the example is such as below:

your image will be look like this

wanna look all of our BOSS member from past and present in a 1 graphical image?? just grab your special potrait poster and send it to us!!

*The image above may not same as the final image. color, font, allignment is a subject to change. this plan will be rejected if the participants is less than 50 person. Due date of this event is on 11.8.11. 

questions are allowed only on this post comment. comment at the facebook will be ignored. 


nak. bole?

Anonymous said...

tguu mase launching day....

aYai~~ said...

so....leh send pix tu sekarang ker?? or ade mase nk kene anta??

Anonymous said...

skarang boly sgt